Kaspersky Premium for 100 days for free with the purchase of Atomic Heart in VK Play

When buying the computer version of Atomic Heart in VK Play, Russian users receive 100 days of free access to the new Kaspersky Premium protection solution with up-to-date functionality for gamers

Kaspersky Premium for 100 days for free with the purchase of Atomic Heart in VK Play

Kaspersky Lab and VK Play have teamed up to offer gamers a unique gaming experience and provide multi-level protection for confidential data, privacy, game accounts, and online purchases with the new Kaspersky Premium antivirus solution for Windows, Mac and mobile devices Android and iOS.

With the purchase of Atomic Heart for PC, Russian users receive 100 days of free early access* to the new protective solution Kaspersky Premium with the relevant functionality

According to a Kaspersky Lab 1 poll, in the past two years, almost one in five gamers in Russia has had their gaming account hacked. The majority of respondents (84%) believe that account hacking is a serious problem for professional gamers. In such circumstances, effective next-generation protection is essential.

The survey by Arlington Research was conducted in the second half of 2022 among 10 thousand respondents in 21 countries. In Russia, 500 people were surveyed.

According to Marina Titova, head of product marketing for Kaspersky Lab’s consumer business, Atomic Heart is one of the most anticipated Actions/RPG games of the year. According to the scenario, which unfolds in a fictional reality, the main character has to save the world.

To ensure the safety of the user’s digital space and beyond, players are offered an advanced solution – Kaspersky Premium. “Kaspersky Lab” develops its solutions taking into account the requirements of gamers, as well as conducting tests in-game scenarios. Not only security features are important, but also device performance, privacy, and confidential data protection.

Vasily Maguryan, CEO of VK Play, noted that VK Play aims to offer players as many benefits as possible. Thanks to the cooperation with Kaspersky Lab, the attractiveness of the VK Play platform is taken to a new level and offers players a high level of protection.

Kaspersky Premium for 100 days for free with the purchase of Atomic Heart in VK Play

The events of Atomic Heart are set in an alternative Soviet Union of the 50s, which has become the most technologically advanced country in the world. However, a massive system failure at Enterprise #3826 has led to a revolt of machines against humanity. In the role of special agent, P-3 players will have to fight with the robots out of control and uncover the truth behind the rapid progress.

Features of Kaspersky Premium

Kaspersky Premium is a next-generation multi-layered defense that provides protection against all known cyber threats, repelling attacks of any complexity, including encryption, crypto miners, fileless threats, and zero-click malware.

The solution also blocks crypto scams and phishing, protects personal and payment data, prevents information leaks, keeps passwords and documents safe, and protects against covert surveillance and unwanted access to information via a PC or Android device.

Kaspersky Premium has a game mode that prioritizes gaming and a space cleaner that quickly looks for duplicate files, long unused programs, and anything unnecessary to free up space. The solution also provides faster PC startup and operation, as well as smart home monitoring.

In addition to the protection functionality, Kaspersky Premium provides premium support that helps check PC performance, assess protection levels, clean up viruses, and configure all necessary settings.

Kaspersky Premium early access for 100 days free

Note. You can activate Kaspersky Premium only within Russia.

Buy Atomic Heart for PC from VK Play.
Check the email you used to register your VK Play account. If no email is linked to your account, you will receive a notification with instructions in your personal VK Play account.

After you receive the notification Thank you for purchasing Atomic Heart! Get access to Kaspersky Premium as a gift, and activate the promo code you received for 100 days of exclusive access to Kaspersky Premium at kas. pr/atomic.

After activation, you will be redirected to a free subscription to Kaspersky Premium for 100 days on 3 devices. Click on Confirm.

Important information.
To obtain a license, you have to specify your bank card data. Funds will not be written off your card. But automatic renewal for full version and automatic payment will be connected, which can be deactivated.

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