OnyX 3 for Mac

Download OnyX for macOS Monterey 12. Tweaking software for macOS exists in a variety of forms and prices, and you are free to choose the one that best suits your needs, whether it is focused on detecting and repairing as many mistakes and issues with the system as possible or on improving the general performance of your Mac.

A tool that does system maintenance, customization, and cleaning all in one.
The OnyX utility was developed as a multi-purpose application that can help you check the start-up disc and system files on your Mac, perform a variety of system maintenance tasks, modify the settings for various applications and system components, and locate and delete app caches and a variety of file types that, over time, will take up unnecessary space on your hard drive.

As was said earlier, Onyx comes with a user-friendly graphical interface that organizes all of the accessible tools using tabs. This makes it simple for you to discover the precise configuration or function that you want as quickly as possible.

OnyX 4.2.4 for macOS Monterey 12

Overview of OnyX

Automated maintenance routines need to be run, and permissions need to be fixed.
Onyx gives you the tools you need to prevent a hard disc failure by running a SMART status diagnostic, and you can access those tools through the “Verify” tab of the program’s main window.

The following tab, “Maintenance,” will guide you through the process of doing a check and repair on the permissions of system files, as well as the execution of daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance scripts for macOS, and the reconstruction of a variety of services and indexes.

It only takes a few clicks of your mouse to clean the hard disc on your Mac.
In addition, Onyx can be used to quickly clear system, user, font, and internet caches; remove obsolete and unnecessary log files; empty the contents of the Trash folder in a safe and secure manner. All of these functions help free up space on your Mac’s hard drive and make your applications more responsive and quicker to launch.

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In addition to that, you may utilize the Automation tab of Onyx to execute a variety of maintenance, cleaning, and rebuilding actions simultaneously. Therefore, you can check which tasks you want to perform at the same time, and, by clicking the “Execute” button, they will all be started one after the other to assist you in easily automating the process of optimizing and maintaining your system. This can be done by selecting the tasks from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking the “Execute” button.

OnyX 4.2.4 for macOS Monterey 12

Optimizer for macOS that is user-friendly and simplified.
Onyx is more than your typical trash file remover or system optimization application since it is capable of doing practically everything that is required to keep a macOS system in great health, with as little or as much participation from you as is necessary.

Features of OnyX

  • Problem fixed that might at times have stopped users from getting an update
  • Eliminating the system’s older logs resulted in an improvement.
  • Eliminating the diagnostic reports resulted in an improvement.
  • Added the capability to remove the iOS and iPadOS device backups as an option in the Maintenance pane.
  • Added the capability to remove the option in the Maintenance pane.
  • DS Store files
  • Added the ability to turn off the production in the Parameters > Misc pane’s drop-down menu.
  • DS Store documents on the respective network volumes.
  • the Find toolbar now has a new find pane thanks to a recent update.
  • The Find toolbar’s locate pane received some much-needed updates recently.
  • Info pane enhanced
  • The option to select a different save location for profiles has been added.
  • Various alterations and enhancements have been implemented.
  • The Easter Egg has made a comeback. Make an effort to find it!
  • User Guide enhanced

System Requirements

Supported macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor |
On the other hand, the hardware requirements such as hard disk space, ram memory,
processor, screen resolution, and others are really minimal
that it is not necessary to specify them.

Data Sheet

Software: Onyx (macOS)
Language: Multilangual
Developer: Titanium
Medicine: Full_Version