RAW Power 3 for Mac

RAW Power 3 is available for free download in its most recent full version as a standalone, offline install for Mac OS X.RAW Power 3 2022 for macOS is a capable and effective piece of software that was developed from the ground up to assist you in editing photographs in addition to managing RAW and JPEG images.

Overview of raw power 3

RAW Power 3 for Mac

This application is a utility that was built exclusively to assist you in using a quick picture editor app that is non-destructive to RAW photographs. It provides unique changes that enable you to improve photographs in ways that are not possible with any other application, which helps you to release the power of Apple’s RAW engine and use it to its full potential.

It provides a professional level of organization and management for your Photos Library. Because it is fully compatible with the iCloud Photo Library, all changes made to the library are automatically synchronized with the app. You have easy access to the ability to filter files based on rating, flag, and edit state.

Ratings and flags can be synchronized across iCloud Photos with this feature. When it comes to applying presets, pasting modifications, and exporting photos, the program allows batch processing in all of these operations.

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RAW Power is three tools in one:

RAW Power 3 for Mac
  • A program for editing images that is quick and does not alter the originals. RAW Power 3 can instantly browse any folder on your system, so there is no need to import anything.
  • An application for the Apple Photos library. Because it is also compatible with iCloud Photos, any changes that you make to your Photos library will automatically be synchronized across all of your other Macs and iOS devices.
  • A plug-in for modifying photographs.

You will always have access to the same powerful editing features regardless of how you utilize them. You have the ability to rate, flag, and filter content with either app mode.

RAW Power 3 excels in working with JPEGs and includes extensive editing tools that are missing from Apple’s Photos (such as LUTs, Depth Effect, and Chromatic Aberration)

If you were a fan of the sophisticated RAW processing that Aperture offered, you’ll feel right at home with raw power app. Adjustments such as Boost, which were formerly exclusive to Aperture, allow you to improve your photographs in ways that are simply not possible with any other application.


  • You may zoom in all the way up to 800% for very accurate adjustments.
  • Make albums in the Photo library, remove images from those albums, and rearrange the images in the albums.
  • View metadata such as the name of the file, details about the shot, the state of the flash, and the location on a map.
  • You can select your favorite folders by browsing the albums on your hard drive or the music in your library.
  • Multiple Windows and Tabs, allowing you to view various sections of your hard drive or library all at once.
  • Launch and make changes to a number of files all at once.
  • Grid of thumbnails with icons denoting the current edit stage, file type, user rating, and flags
  • Filter by the edit state, rating, flags, and tags, as well as the type of file.
  • Export with full command over the dimensions, format, profile, and name of the file.
  • While Batch Processing is going on in the background, you can apply Presets, make Paste Adjustments, Export, and more.


  • Compatible with a large number of cameras, including the RAW Power 3 format on the iPhone. (see https://support.apple.com/en-jo/HT210191). There is currently no support for Fuji Compressed RAW. Helps with the majority of dogs.
  • Recovery of highlights is unparalleled. Control in real time over Apple’s RAW format, including Noise Reduction, Black Point, Gamut Mapping, and more
  • Auto Enhance, Auto White Balance, Auto Levels, and Auto Curves are the four automatic adjustments available.
  • Histogram displaying Clipping Indicators in addition to Hot Pixels Look-up tables (LUTs) that have built-in looks and film simulations can be layered on top. Add your own!
  • Crop and Straighten, Rotate and Flip, White Balance with sampler and auto Highlights, Shadows, Vibrance, and Local Contrast and amazing Lighten and Darken sliders Curves and Levels. Crop and Straighten. Rotate and Flip. White Balance with Sampler. The modes Linear and Lab are available in Curves, in addition to samplers.
  • Enhancement of photographs taken with a dual camera setup via the Depth Effect
  • Chromatic Aberration, sometimes known as CA, is used to rectify lens artifacts. Context, Grayscale, and Perspective vignette with a center point that can be adjusted
  • Engine for processing images based on metal, which offers improved performance. imagery with a high level of precision and color depth.
  • Editing that is completely non-destructive, with all changes being saved in sidecars
  • Each and every slider updates in real-time and is GPU-accelerated.
  • Adjustments can be copied and pasted, and there are presets that can be personalized.
  • You are able to establish a baseline for each camera model through the use of camera presets.

Top Features of RAW Power 3

  • This program is an editor for images in raw power app and JPEG formats.
  • Explore the metadata, such as the name and details about the shot.
  • Effectively open and edit a number of different files simultaneously.
  • Provides a Powerful Extension for Editing Photographs
  • Gives people the ability to make their own distinct changes
  • Users have the ability to filter files based on flag, kind, and rating.
  • Processing photos in batches for export is supported.
System Requirements

Supported macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor |
On the other hand, the hardware requirements such as hard disk space, ram memory,
processor, screen resolution, and others are really minimal
that it is not necessary to specify them.

Data Sheet

Software: RAW Power 3 (macOS)
Language: Multilangual
Developer: Gentlemencoders
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